All Teen Counselor and Adult volunteers are required to attend two training sessions prior to camp. Volunteers must attend the all staff training, as well as the onsite training specific to your week of day camp, held the Saturday prior to that particular week. If you volunteer at more than one week of camp, you are required to attend the onsite training for each camp location.

  • All Staff Training: Saturday June 24th 10:00a - 4:00p at Camp Fire's Clubhouse.
  • Wildwood Staff Day: Saturday July 8th 10:00a - 4:00p at Wildwood Park.
  • Camp Orca Staff day: Saturday July 29th 10:00a - 2:00p at Camp Fire's Clubhouse.


Day Camp Staff: Must have completed the CAT (Counselor Assistant Training) program -or- be entering 9th grade -or- be at least 14 years old. 
Camp Orca Staff: Must have completed the SIT (Staff In Training) program -or- be entering 12th grade -or- be at least 18 years old.

"I love being a camp counselor, because I get to see the impact of positive role models on kids. Camp is the best environment to learn, grow, and have fun! You truly create memories that will last forever!" – Emily, Rogers High School

"I enjoy coming to camp seeing all the smiles on the kids faces and knowing that they remember you from the year before and being able to share my experience with the outdoors and help the kids grow up and find what they are passionate about! I come back every year for the kids; when they are having a fun time I am having a fun time. Their joy brings me joy!" – Kyle, Olympia High School